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Regular gutter cleaning helps you avoid various costly repairs, reduces the chances of cracked foundations and stops   you attracting pests including birds and rodents.

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Gutter Cleaning Prices

The average cost of cleaning gutters can vary depending on your location. There are many factors that affect this average price and knowing what they are can help you budget for a full gutter clean. Gutters are a necessary service provided by most local municipalities. They keep water from clogging up your storm drains and downspouts and keep out leaves, debris and insects that can damage your lawn and garden.

What Is Your Location?

The location of where the gutter cleaning prices will be lowest will depend on several factors. The first factor is the size of the gutter itself. If the drainpipes are located in the roof space of a single storey house, then the cost of removing debris will also be much higher than if it were in the crawl space of a one story house. Therefore, when deciding on what the average gutter cleaning price will be for your home you must consider the total area that you need to clean and whether you live in a one-storey house or a two storey house.

Another factor that affects the gutter cleaning price is the material used to make the gutters. Different materials are used to make the gutters and each has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. Aluminum gutters are good at keeping out larger particles of debris and are ideal for the prevention of rotting but they have to be painted frequently due to the paint leaching into the drainpipe. Steel gutters are very good at keeping out larger items but they rust easily and require more maintenance. Most homeowners prefer to use plastic gutters because they do not rust, are very cheap and easy to maintain.

What Type Of Property Do You Have?

The next thing you need to consider when deciding on what the average gutter cleaning prices will be for your home is whether you are looking at single-story homes or multi-story homes. In a one-story home the gutter system will likely be wider than in multi-story homes. Therefore the cost will be split between the gutter cleaning and the foundation footings. However, keep in mind that in a multi-story home you will probably be needing to clean gutters from all the levels so the cost per gutter cleaning will increase. Also, the footings will need to be replaced more often because they are placed closer to the ground in multi-story homes.

Some people mistakenly believe that the cost of gutter cleaning will be greater if the gutters are being cleaned professionally. However, many home maintenance professionals offer gutter cleaning services at an additional cost. This cost will be equal to or less than the cost of purchasing the gutter covers from the home improvement store. The reason for this is because professional gutters require skill, training and special equipment to do their work. The home maintenance technician may also charge a fee for his time but this should not prevent you from hiring him because it does cost money to go on a job, especially for a professional who doesn’t do the majority of jobs himself.

Can You Save Money And Do It Yourself?

If you decide to have your gutters cleaned by a professional company, you can often save money by doing the installation yourself. Most professional companies charge only a base price per gutter cleaner, and often this is the total cost of the job including labor. Therefore, by having your gutters cleaned professionally and putting them on your own system, you can often get them done for less than the cost of having them done by a professional company. In addition, if you live in an area where there are no or very few professional companies, then you can often find great deals by contacting local contractors who are not associated with a larger company.

The average gutter cleaning cost is between £3 to £7 per meter. Some companies will use this measurement while others will use details about your property such as: semi detached or detached, how many bedrooms the property has and if there are any outbuildings etc.