Gutter Cleaning Aberdeen

In order to function properly, gutters need a regular professional gutter cleaning. A J Donald Slaters has been providing Aberdeenshire with quality gutter cleaning for 25 years along with a full range of roofing installation and roof maintenance. Our team is experienced in a wide range of domestic and commercial roofing services and we are sure to be able to help you find your perfect roofing solution.


Our team of professionals have years of experience providing cleaning service Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire with quality roofing maintenance and gutter cleaning services. We are family run and fully insured, so you can trust that you are in the best of hands with A J Donald Slaters. Get in touch to schedule your gutter cleaning today!

Why gutter cleaning is essential for home maintenance

Gutters provide the means by which rainwater can safely flow from the roof via downpipes into drains. It is therefore vital that gutters are clean, clear and free of any obstructions that can cause blockages.

Gutters get blocked by many things such as tree leaves, twigs, moss and dirt. They also make a perfect environment for plants to grow when seeds are dropped by birds or get blown into gutters by the wind.

Blocked gutters prevent water from flowing into drains and the water level inside gutters increases until it starts overflowing and can be forced into roof space or runs down walls where it can penetrate into exterior walls through tiny cracks. The water then penetrates further causing damp patches on interior walls. In severe cases it can even cause structural damage costing many thousands of pound to remedy.

Gutters filled with water for prolonged periods can also start to weaken and collapse from the strain of the weight of water. Gutter cleaning and clearance is essential for looking after your home. It is recommended by experts to have your gutters cleaned at least every 12 months but it may be necessary to do so more often if you have local conditions that affect their maintenance such as overhanging trees that cause blockages from falling leaves and twigs.